Being YOU in a ME World

It’s smart to look to others who’ve proven themselves as a benchmark. The problem comes when we do TOO good a job at mirroring someone else.  As a worship leader, know who YOU are.  Here are thee things to remember;

  1. Be Who YOU Are. There are people who need you.  If you’re a worship leader or member of a worship culture, remember that you’re there because God needs you to be there ministering to that group of people. God needs YOU.
  2. Find Your voice. It’s good to look to others for inspiration and as a model, but in the end it’s about us leading in the ways that minister to those we’re in charge of leading.
  3. Find Peace with your gifting. You don’t have to be the best singer, musician or spokesman.  Be OK with the tools that God has given you and find the way to engage those around you who have the strengths you lack. Be comfortable in your own skin!

Remember that God doesn’t call us to comfort, but to leadership. Lead strong and lead as a representative of God to those He’s placed you in leadership of. Find that comfort zone of who you are in a world that stresses the “Me” vibe.

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