Choose Wisely

Growing up one of my favorite movies was “Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade.” It was epic, funny, and redemptive and kept me wanting more Harrison Ford as the coolest history nerd ever. A scene that sticks in my mind is where they have found the Holy Grail but are left with a choice that leads to life or death. When Mr. Donovan drinks from the cup he believes is the “Cup of Christ” and subsequently dies a sudden and graphic death, the somber knight of the crusade simply says…

“He chose…poorly.”

I want to choose do to things that lead to life not to confusion, regret and dysfunction. So when spring break arrived this year to the Harrison house we decided to do something a bit different. Our older kids work tirelessly for the good of the household and rarely get the reward/perk that goes along with the incredible effort they put forth. They work more than any other teenagers I know and they love their life just like it is. We decided to hire a baby sitter to watch the 4 “littles” as we call them, and take the 4 “bigs” out on a full-day of fun. TopGolf, shopping and a steak dinner which is the favorite of our clan of carnivores. It was a hefty bill, but we saved for it and believed the benefit was worth the financial sacrifice. The food bill was more than $100, which is unheard of in our world. Dave Ramsey would probably NOT approve.

As a worship leader and a person who depends on volunteers to help make services happen each week, I will tirelessly sacrifice to make sure they know how much I love and appreciate them. How life-giving would it be for our spouses and for our children to feel the same way? Leading and loving our families makes us better at leading and loving our congregations.

I thank God for my wife; she is the brainchild for this new spring break tradition. I thank God for my children, they’re my most prized accomplishments and they’re amazing people. Sometimes, it’s just good to make a special effort to show them just how incredible they are and how valuable they are to me and to God. Some day I want to look back at choices I made in my family and believe that I chose wisely. Don’t overlook that spouse and those kids who give you each week to your calling and passion.

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  1. Scott Harrison April 7, 2016 at 2:18 am

    Great idea.

    Actually – Dave Ramsey would approve of taking your family out for a nice meal, if you have the money and you budget for it.

    ““one reason to have a Total Money Makeover is to build wealth that allows you to have fun. So have some fun! ” – Dave Ramsey,Total Money Makeover

    • Scott Harrison April 7, 2016 at 2:21 pm

      Thank you Brad, I’d not seen that! It was worth so much more than the cash for us, and it’s good to know that Dave would approve!

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