My Crew…

When my wife and I started out in life many years ago, if you’d told me we would be parents of 8 kids, I would have laughed at you and told you that you were crazy. Well, we’re the crazy ones. Ages 1 to 21, these kids are my most prized possessions.  They are my world.  My first duty is to my wife and family and I am honored that God has trusted me with such prized and valuable people.  They love God, love people and love life.

My Purpose…

I’m a husband first. Our kids know that my relationship with my wife has to be ahead of everything; without it nothing exists in our family apart from hardship and pain. As I make that the priority, it lines everything else up better.  I’m not perfect by any standard. What I am is busy, and the grace of God and my family make it possible to live, breathe and minister life to those God has put under my care.

My Calling

I’m an encourager. Thats what I do. I am blessed to be able to do it via the medium of music. But beyond the stage, God has given me to opportunity to lead people in many different ways. From small groups to student band apprentices down to the one-on-one relationships, my passion is to lead people from where they are to the place God has called them.  One day, when I’m too old to sing and lead, I’ll probably step back and cheer on other worship leaders and ministers and be drown in grandchildren.

If I have encouraged you even just a little, that no matter what God has given you to lead or manage you can do it and be better than you thought you could be, my heart is blessed.